Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Different Kind of Missions Trip

I have written about the recent missions trip to Berkeley, where 21 of my students and some leaders spent 4 days in Berkeley, California, defending the faith and learning about Atheism.  The trip was amazing and I would recommend anyone to try to find something like it.

My friend, Sean McDowell, has recently come home from taking some of his students to Utah for a very similar trip.  Here are his reflections on that trip.

Brett Kunkle of Stand To Reason plans and organizes these trips.  Brett is amazing and has recently started a new website for students.

I have worked with youth for a while, and these are the most important, short-term, ways to impact students I have found.  If coupled with the long-term investment of discipleship/mentorship, any student will be adequately prepared to live a life glorifying to God.

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