Friday, March 11, 2011

A Great Opportunity

I recently had an amazing opportunity to write three short articles for the website of an upcoming apologetics conference.  This conference will run from June 9-10 in Phoenix, Arizona.  It is a conference aimed at answering many of the questions that youth today have regarding faith.  There will be some amazing speakers there (Brett Kunkle, Mary Jo Sharp, Neil Mammen, and others) speaking on a wide range of topics.

For my part, I was asked to answer three questions in a short conversational way.  These answers would be used on the website to kind of whet the appetite for the sort of answers Christianity has for some of life's greatest questions.  Over the next couple days I will post these answers here, but if you can't wait, head on over to and follow the links to see the answers.

I would recommend any student entertain the idea of attending this conference.  It will not disappoint.

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